We secure domain barter.

If you own domain names, trading with another party can be a strategic approach to acquire the domains you desire but cannot afford or prefer not to purchase outright.
The challenge lies in convincing the other party that the domains you are offering in exchange are of higher value or better align with their interests.
If you reach an agreement where no money is involved, securing the transaction becomes crucial. This is where we can offer assistance.

How does it work?

Contact us after you negotiate with the other party the trade, and give us the following information:
- Your email, name, optional company and role, and postal address.
- The domain names you want to exchange and where they are registered, up to 5 per transaction.
- In which registrar you want to receive the exchanged names.
- The email, name, optional company, and role of the other party, and their postal address.
- The domain names he owns and that you should get in return, and where they are registered, up to 5 per transaction.
- In which registrar the other party wants to receive your names.
For sure there is 100% privacy on all transactions.

Service payment:
As the initiator, you should pay the transaction service fee. We accept credit card payments or PayPal.
We will calculate all transfer costs and will send the initiator a link to process payment.

Agreement preparation:
As soon as the payment is completed, we will prepare the trade agreement and will send it to both parties for signature. If a week after both parties did not sign the trade agreement, then the transaction will be cancelled.

Domains securitisation:
We will ask both participants to transfer/push us the domain names involved in the agreement.
If, for any reason, we do not get ownership of all the involved domains after 15 days, then as specified in the agreement the transaction will be canceled and we will immediately return all the domains received to the original owners.

If we successfully secure all the domains involved in the sale in time, then we will start the swapping.
We will communicate with each party to get the information to may transfer/push the secured domains to the new owners.
At this stage the trade is completed and we will notify each participant of the end of the domain exchange transaction.

How much does it cost?
$200 fee plus the transfer cost of all domains involved in the trade. We will confirm the price after submission of your trade.

Possible issues and resolutions:
When the domain ownership is transferred, both the sender and receiver must provide the exact transfer/push details, and both must approve the move.
If, for any reason, one of the parties does not act to facilitate the move and the transfer cannot happen:
- When we tried to transfer the domains back to the original owner before the swapping due we were unable to secure all the domains involved in the swap.
- Or when we try to transfer the domains to the new owner after Swapping.com has secured the domains
Then, these domains will be held by Swapping.com ownership for a maximum of one year. During this time, we will do our best to try to complete the move.
If it does not happen, then after this delay, the domain name will be sent to a relief association.
These situations are ultra-rare because they are not logical. In both scenarios, we are talking about one of the two parties not accepting the return of his domain or not wanting to receive an exchanged domain.

Refund policy:
We do not do any refund, except for this case:
- If a week after creation both parties do not sign the trade agreement, then the contract will be void, and you will be fully refunded less a $50 penalty fee. This penalty fee covers our time and prevents people from creating transactions they have not fully negotiated previously or, worse, not negotiated at all.

While there are some deadlines, we'll work to complete transactions as fast as possible, this is why we use registrars we can expedite transfers and have accounts on most popular registrars.

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